I am a two time breast cancer survivor. My life experiences inform the emotional content in my jewelry. The heat and blows of a hammer with which I shape shape gold and silver, are akin to the chemotherapy and radiation that shaped and altered my life. Out of experience, I emerged stronger and surer of what is important. Positive emotions and action, applied to challenges and trials, shape my life and my art.

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My “Ladies” are tributes to women of endurance, strength and spirit. Each pendant has a unique personality. Each carries the name of a noble soul that is the inspiration. These pendants always end up choosing their owner – the spirit of the pendant inevitably reflecting the story and character of the woman who wears it. They are a talisman of sorts – symbols of the luck you generate for yourself by embracing the totality of your life experience, the good and the bad, and living life with humor, strength and boldness.


Click on an image to launch slideshow. Scroll over image in slideshow for dimensions. Pendants come on a 16 inch adjustable sterling silver chain. Prices range from $200 to $800.